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08-09 MAY 2021

From 2021, together with CRM Motorsport, Race Ready placed its championships to open the season on the southernmost route of the country. With 4 championships of explored classic cars, from 1950 to 1990, without ever forgetting the irreverent Mighty Minis!


With a 2-day program, Race Ready believes that all conditions are met for a spectacular season opening.

Taking advantage of the good weather that is still felt in the Algarve, in the south of Portugal, this event will feature more than 100 teams and 300 drivers.

For Diogo Ferrão, CEO of Race Ready, “it will be an event for all Motor Sports Fans. At a time of year when the region offers a unique climate in Europe for racing, it is always gratifying to receive more than 200 drivers from all of our competitions to enjoy this fantastic circuit and drive real gems, to the satisfaction of the specialist public. I also want to highlight the always intimate atmosphere that is generated between spectators and teams, which is to be praised and always receives positive feedback from those who visit us.


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Box office

Due to the Pandemic COVID-19 situation   it is not allowed to have an audience at this event.


We invite you to follow our Social Networks with regular updates throughout the Algarve Welcome Sprin Event.





* For the aquisition of the private practices please contact Race Ready.