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08/10 OCTOBER 2021

Estoril Classics

A one of a kind event

Esta edição do Estoril Classics realiza-se entre 8 e 13 de outubro de 2019, no Estoril, e é o único evento a reunir cinco disciplinas de motas e automóveis clássicos, através das provas: Rally de Portugal Histórico, Concurso de Elegância ACP, Fórmula 1 Classic, Spirit of Speed Bikes, Historic Endurance, 1000 km Sports Cars e HGPCA Formula 1. Com uma dimensão internacional, o único evento que junta as várias categorias de clássicos atrai entusiastas de todos os cantos do mundo e reúne as maiores lendas do motociclismo e automobilismo.


A edição de 2018 levou ao Circuito do Estoril e Jardins do Casino Estoril cerca de 900 participantes e 65 mil visitantes, ao longo dos seis dias da iniciativa, com um investimento de cerca de 1,5 milhões de Euros.



The F1 Classic is an emotional category where the machines (McLaren, Lotus, Williams, entre outras) offer an amazing show that will enchant the young crowd and make the old ones remember the unforgettable F1 Grand Prix at Estoril Circuit.

The event will have 2 races of 25 minutes each, one on Saturday and the other one on Sunday. 

The Formula One single seaters competition that had spread magid on the tracks from 1974 to 1985, com 3 litres engines, this race takes us to an era where the genealized access to the extraordinary Cosworth DFV allowed to any team, with the right ingredients, the possibility to win. 

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The Formula Junior Historic Racing Association (“FJHRA”) was established in 1993. In 1995, the FIA Lurani Trophy for FJ cars became the first FIA Championship to be run by its own organisation. In 1997 the Formula Juniors first raced at Monaco and it was one of the closest races of the day and FJ have been competitors there since that time with a fantastic array of beautiful cars, recreating the era of the 1959-1963 era of Grand Prix Monaco Junior, and were again featured with the front engined Juniors in 2016.

Since 1998, Formula Juniors have raced annually at the Goodwood Circuit Revival Meeting and from 2014 also on rotation with F3 1000, at the revived Goodwood Members Meeting. This year, like in 2017, Formula Junior will join Estoril Classics grid once again.



Competition that will consiste of two 40-minute races at the Autodromo Estoril on 12-13 October for cars that ran in the World Sportscar Championships between 1964 and 1974 and for selected later Touring and GT cars.
There will be two podiums and two overall winners – for pre-1966 cars, and for pre- 1974 cars.


The Amicale Spirit Of Speed is the biggets european club of road racing bikes collectors.
The club takes part in the biggest european classic events with GPs motorbikes, endurance and Superbikes. And this year will be also part of the amazing event at Circuito do Estoril.

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Iberian Historic Endurance it's an organisation from “gentleman drivers” to “gentleman drivers”, with the best spirit of the classic races.

It's a competition for GT and Prototypes cars, being recognized like the South Europe biggest classic car competition and one of world 5 best classic races by specialized media.

With more than 30 competitors,, from all over Europe, will dispute 2 endurance races. The public will be able to watch and listen to more than 30 iconic cars like Ford GT40, Jaguar E-Type, Porsche 911 RS, Lotus Elan and many more from the 70's competitions like 24h Le Mans.

This competition has 2 races of 50 minutes each; one on Saturday afternoon and the other on Sunday morning.


Created in 2006, one year before the return of the Rally de Portugal to Rally World Championship, and as a way to relive some of the best years of the competition from ACP, Rally de Portugal Historico from the very beginning goes through Rally de Portugal mythic sections. Since very early that it took ver as one of the most demanding and prestigious historic regularity competitions from the old continent, attracting drivers and machines from all over the globe, specially from France which sometimes represents almost half of the squad, this one normally with more than 10 cars.


It's a national competition, on it's full growth, for Tourism classic cars with specifications Group 1 Pre-1981, divided by several categories, according to the CC and production year.

This competition is divided in 2 races of 20 minutes each, both held on Sunday.


This year there is a promise of a real battle for the Best Show price for the VI Concours d'elegante ACP. 50 prestigious cars fighting for the big price, that will be decided by a specialized international jury.

Being held on the Gardens of Casino Estoril, between 5 and 7 of October, the spotlights will be pointed to come categories: "Vintage", "Post Vintage", "Aston Martin", "Americanos post-war", "Sport post-war", "Sport e GT 60's and 70's" e "Sonhos Psicadélicos".










Grandstand: Free Access

Paddock: Tickets limited to 3000 due to safety issues

Free entrance for children until 15 years, when followed by an adult.

It's possible to purchase online tickets following the link bellow, or if they don't go out of stock, at the Circuit ticket office between 11 and 13 of October.


Open Hours:


8h30 – 19h00


8h30 – 19h00


9h00 – 16h00

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Last year, the classic cars Clubs were a huge success, with several groups invited:

- ACP Clássicos

- Alfa Romeo (A.R.C-P., Alfanord, Biscione)

- BMW Club de Portugal

- Jaguar Clube de Portugal

- Lotus Club de Portugal

- Morgan Club de Portugal

- Porsche Club 356 de Portugal

- Porsche Club de Portugal

- Triumph Club de Portugal

This year we will have those beauties at the Paddock again.

More news soon!!

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