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Fórmula Ford

Created by the nice Gaspar family in 2011, Formula Ford Portugal, old "Single Seater Series", had as a primary motivation the existence of a competition where this amazing formulas could race, instead being inside of a garage, and that could only race at track days.

Overtime, Formula Ford have been receiving an increasing number of participants, and in 2016 Single Seater Series started being organized by Race Ready.

In 2017 the competition changed name to Formula Ford Portugal, with the institutional partnership of Ford Lusitana, with an increasing protagonism in Portugal.


Portugal always had the great tradition of the little formulas without wings, specially Formula Ford. A championship that existed between 1970 e 2002, known for the big competitivity, show on track and low costs. It was the "school" of big champions like Ernesto Neves, Pedro Lamy, Pedro Matos Chaves, Manuel Gião, Gonçalo Gomes, João Barbosa, José Pedro Fontes, Pedro Salvador, and many more. Sometimes, the previous year champions stayed for the next year, because they couldn't find any championship so good to progress on their career.

The regulation was created in a way to join a group of cars with the same rate on track and with the best price/performance/pleasure relation of driving in any motors sport. It was an instantly success, with several "Gentlemen Drivers" having fun on their beautiful and vintage formulas.

Since 2014, young wolfs arrived from the Karting rediscovered Formula Ford as a perfect way to start the circuits, always improving their driving skills.

Formula Ford Portugal is divided by the following categories:



Estoril - 13 / 14 April

Circuito de Primavera aims to be a relaxed event similar to the "english club racing", where drivers and public share their love for motoring. 

This compact format will have more than 100 teams, that will race on Formula Ford, CSS Group1 and Trofeu Mini.

Track time includes a Test Day.

Braga - 4 / 5 May


Braga Festival of Speed will be an absolut será Club Racing day at Braga circuit. Drivers and teams will have the oportunity to mesure strengths in a pure adrenaline day. 

With all  the activities still to define, drivers and teams will have to be the fastest and the more consistent so there is no mistakes

Jarama - 15 / 16 June

Launched in 1967 as a permanent circuit, its layout was never changed, being exactly the same where Hill, Clark, Stewart, Fittipaldi, Andretti and Villeneuve have triumphed.

Jarama's circuit is always one of the most popular ones in Spain, thanks to a very fluid layout, with small straights and some fast turns. This years edition will count with Historic Endurance as the head of the races and will show the best classic competitions with an iberian level.

Algarve - 1 / 3 November

The Autódromo Internacional do Algarve it's a modern circuit build in 2008, with all the latest specifications, in terms of confort and safety. This is also the bigger and the most important historic car events of Iberian Pesinsula, gathering more than 300 cars and 500 drivers, from 23 countries. For the 8th time in a row, the final season of Historic Racing will be at Autodromo do Algarve.

Estoril - 23 / 24 November

It was in Estoril, under rain, that Ayrton Senna conquered the first win of his career. It was also the place where Niki Lauda conquered his first world championship. It was also at Portugal Grand Prix that a "hot" maneuver triggered the most famous rivalry on the history of Formula 1. Estoril Racing Festival closes the season with a flourish.




13 / 14 April - 2019

5 / 6 de May


Autódromo do Estoril

Circuito Vasco Sameiro




1st May - 2018

Autódromo do Estoril


2/3 June - 2018

Circuito de Jarama


2/3 June - 2018

Jerez de la Frontera


19 to 21 Outubro - 2018

Autódromo Internacional do Algarve


17-18 November - 2018

Autódromo do Estoril

Free Practice
Qualifying 1
Race 1
Race 2


All formulas needs to be according the regulations of their category, except KENT, Formula V and TUGA, which needs to be produced without any specification before 2005.

It's also not allowed Formulas with more than 2000cc and with any wings, even if they are accordingly with the regulations of their category. You can find an entire list with the authorized cars within the 2016 sports regulation.

Formula Ford recomends consukting the technical and sports regulation available at the links below. In case of anu change, the valid regulation is always the one available by FPAK.


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In our race series, we had several teams with shortage of ECU for their Zetecs. Of course 15 year old ECU at some point start failing as any other part. 

As Cosworth is not interested in making more Pectel, we developed a new ECU replica of the old map. Our focus was the new ECU had the same level of performance and more reliable, as the old ECU in HOT environment 
were several teams that from our Portuguese championship, we developed Pectel T2 replicas just with the same power (more 0.5HP) as the old ones and also improving the reliability, as the old T2 were too much lean with high speed lambda at 0.92.
The new ECU are also very easy to fit in old looms with easy and cheap adaptors, just plug and play.
The ECU were already tested in Dyno, in testing conditions and in race conditions and 100% reliability so far.
Any other question, please let us know.





Person of contact: DIOGO FERRÃO

​Tel: +351 917 515 665

Tel: +351 210 920 650

Bela Vista Office, Estrada de Paço de Arcos, nº66

Lisboa, 2735-336