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05-06 JUNE 2021


- An “old fashioned” circuit, perfect for our classic cars and one of the drivers' favorites

- Madrid is in the center of the Iberian Peninsula with attractions for the whole family

- Weekend exclusively for classic cars, with Iberian Historic Endurance being the main dish


John Hugenholtz is one of the most renowned circuit designers, having been responsible, among others, for Suzuka and Jarama. Inaugurated in 1967 as a permanent circuit, its layout was never changed, being exactly the same where Hill, Clark, Stewart, Fittipaldi, Andretti and Villeneuve triumphed, among other names.
The inaugural event of the World Tourism Group A was also held here and the 4 hours of Jarama, with the victory to be delivered to Roberto Ravaglia and Emanuele Pirro in BMW M3 Schnitzer.

The Jarama circuit is always one of the most popular events of Iberian Historic Endurance, thanks to the very fluid layout with short straights and several fast corners, being perfect for the classics - contemporary models from the time when the circuit was designed. This edition will feature Historic Endurance as headliner, with other classic competitions at the same time.

The proximity to Madrid means that the Jarama event has a large audience, and that it is also very popular with the entourages of the various participating teams, who always take the opportunity to visit that dynamic and cosmopolitan city, where there is no shortage of interest.

Jarama Circuit



Iberian Historic Endurance

The fascination of racing in classic cars goes far beyond the competition. For the riders and their companions, each competition weekend is a journey through time, until a time when the race environment was more relaxed and fun. To provide all participants with a special experience of conviviality, emotion and nostalgia, is the aim of Historic Endurance. This is a competition that gives meaning to the acquisition and possession of a historic competition car, whatever its category or power.

Adrenaline and excitement are guaranteed by visiting the most exciting and challenging circuits in southern Europe, where the pleasant climate provides excellent conditions for driving and where it is easy and accessible to transport vehicles and their equipment. The vast majority of races are integrated into major classic festivals, where the atmosphere is even more special
More than a set of pilots, Iberian Historic Endurance is made for a large group of friends in constant growth, which includes families and teams of participants.

Mini Trophy

A permanent presence on the tracks since the 1960s, the MINI has always been an icon in motor racing. After 50 years, even today this model gives rise to races that delight the public. The Mini Trophy is intended for the MK4 SPI and MPI models, according to the English "Mighty Mini" rules. This means, the engine and the serial box. This configuration makes the purchase of a vehicle very affordable with even lower maintenance, since all parts are basically standard, with very affordable acquisition costs, with a large market for Mini parts at low prices.

This competition is guided by three basic principles: fun, elegance and competitiveness. Despite the low acquisition price, it will be crucial for the Drivers and teams to realize that it is a classic car trophy and that the final results will not lead any Drivers to Formula 1.


Group1 Portugal

The competition is based on the regulation of series tourism (Gr.1), extremely successful mainly between 1970 and 1981. Today, the great difficulty was to find homologated and original pieces for some models. Thus, the technical regulation allows to overcome this difficulty without major cost increases.


Only five events are held annually in Portugal and Spain to keep costs under control and the teams are able to compete in the entire championship. Each Sprint event has two 25 minute races and the events with endurance races have two 40 minute races. The season ends with the already mythical 250km of Estoril, in the biggest endurance race of the year: a 120 minute race.


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