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06 & 07 NOVEMBER 2021


Inaugurated in 1985, the Jerez Circuit has quickly become one of the most famous Circuits in Europe, with tests being held here for the Formula 1, with the Motorcycling World Championships and Sport-Prototypes.

Circuit Technical details


The Races


During the '60s and '70s, Spanish and Portuguese drivers and teams routinely faced each other on circuits such as the Jarama or Estoril, at the wheel of their Porsche 356 and 911, Lotus Elan, Jaguar E Type or in the Alfa Romeo GTA, BMW 2002 or Mini-Cooper. Those golden years are what Iberian Historic Endurance has managed to recover to the delight of the spectators, offering a quality organization to its participants and great social entertainment off the track for families and friends. This race is for vehicles from 1960 to 1976 and the use of vintage tires and compound (Dunlop or Avon) is mandatory. There are two 50 minute races, with change of driver (or you can drive alone the two turns), to remember the historical endurance races.


More informations in www.historicendurance.com

Troféu Mini


A permanent presence on the racetrack since the 1960s, MINI has always been an icon of motor racing. After 50 years, this model still gives rise to races that delight the public. The Mini Trophy is for MK4 SPI and MPI models, according to the English "Mighty Mini" rules. This means, the engine and gearbox as standard. This configuration makes the acquisition of a car very affordable with even lower maintenance, as all parts are basically standard, with very affordable acquisition costs, and there is a large market for Mini parts at low prices.

This competition is guided by three basic principles: fun, elegance and competitiveness. Despite the low acquisition price, it will be crucial that the Drivers and teams understand that this is a trophy of classic cars and that the final results will not take any Driver to Formula 1.


Group1 Portugal

The competition based on the series touring regulations (Gr.1), extremely successful mainly between 1970 and 1981. Today, as then, the great difficulty was to find homologated and original parts for some models. Therefore, the technical regulations allow this difficulty to be overcome without major cost increases.

Only five events are held in Portugal each year to keep costs under control and to allow teams to run the full championship. Each Sprint Event has two 25 minute races, like the Estoril Summer Party. Then there are the endurance events such as Algarve Welcome Spring, Jarama Classic Races and Jerez La Leyenda with two 40 min races and the 250km of Estoril with one 120 min race.

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Supercars Endurance Series

The Supercars Endurance Series is the coming together of the fastest growing categories across the globe, GT4 and TCR. Featuring fabulous racing cars that fulfil the imaginations of drivers and fans alike, it provides exciting races with great uncertainty over the outcome.

For 2021, the new format will feature two races per weekend. The calendar will comprise four events that will visit some of the most iconic circuits in Portugal and Spain - Estoril Circuit, Autódromo Internacional do Algarve, Jarama Circuit and Jerez de La Frontera Circuit.



- 4 weekends

- Two races per weekend

- Four classes:

Pro - Silver/Bronze or Gold/Bronze* drivers - two drivers per car

BRONZE - Bronze drivers - possibility of only one driver per car

GTC- dedicated to older GT4 homologation cars.


Peugeot Racing Cup.

- FIA driver categorisation system

- Single tyre supplier

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