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Historic Endurance: Six races in six major events in 2024

With over a decade of experience in selecting top-notch circuits and scouting for premier events, Race Ready remains committed to maintaining a focus on continuity. In 2024, Iberian Historic Endurance is set to unveil a calendar featuring six major events at five iconic circuits in global motorsport, all of which share the distinction of having hosted Formula 1 World Championship Grands Prix in the past.

Following the winter hiatus, the season kicks off on April 5 and 6 with the "Exclusive Test Day" at the Autódromo do Estoril. This event provides an excellent opportunity for drivers and teams to engage in an initial practice session and test their 1976 Touring or Grand Touring cars.

The inaugural race of 2024 will unfold on one of the grandest stages in world motorsport: the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium. In recent years, the traditional 3 Hours of Spa has garnered the highest number of entries in the season. Its challenging layout, spanning over seven kilometers, accommodates up to 80 teams, making it a thrilling race lasting up to three hours.

After making a return to the Jerez circuit in 2023, Historic Endurance is set to continue headlining the Jerez de la Frontera event. The Andalusian occasion is scheduled earlier in 2024, indicating that the Historic Endurance squad will be competing on the asphalt of the circuit, formerly renamed in honor of the late Spanish motorcyclist Ángel Nieto, during the weekend of May 25 and 26.

The pinnacle of classic car competitions in southern Europe reaches its midway point with the Jarama Classic. This event, organized in collaboration with the Circuito de Madrid Jarama RACE, has already solidified its status as one of the most eagerly anticipated events of the season. It seamlessly blends the challenging layout of Spain's first permanent circuit with the warmth of the crowds that gather each year to admire the beauty of these vintage machines.

The second half of the season commences on the first weekend of October, with the obligatory presence at Estoril Classics, an event that has firmly established itself on the global calendar. Historic Endurance will continue to be the sole Iberian competition privileged to participate in the Estoril Classics—an event that consistently boasts more provisional entries than available slots.

The annual visit to the Autódromo Internacional do Algarve, a circuit cherished by drivers, is scheduled for the end of October. Historic Endurance will once again be part of the Algarve Classic Festival program.

The season concludes with the 12th edition of the 250 km Estoril on November 29 and 30. This "endurance classic" has evolved into a grand end-of-season celebration.

Diogo Ferrão (CEO of Race Ready): "For 2024, we plan to retain the same elements that have established Iberian Historic Endurance as one of the premier historic competitions in Europe, providing maximum enjoyment and excitement for both drivers and teams. Over the years, we become accustomed to the good times we experience and only realize their significance when they become memories. It is crucial to appreciate the fantastic circuits and events we currently have and not take them for granted. If you have the chance, do not postpone the opportunity to participate, or rejoin, in the fantastic events comprising the 2024 calendar. These moments will undoubtedly linger in our memories forever.”


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