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Preview Barcelona - Espíritu de Montjüic

Iberian Historic Endurance

The 9th season of the Iberian Historic Endurance begins with the return to Barcelona, during the Espirítu de Montjüic, in conjunction with the FIA Historic Masters;

- Circuit inaugurated in 1991 with homologation for F1 and MotoGP and that has already hosted 29 Formula 1 Grand Prix

- A strong starting grid, with 5 absolute first-timers, more than 30 entries from 5 different nationalities.

The new season of the Iberian Historic Endurance starts on the weekend of 2nd and 3rd April at the circuit of Barcelona - Catalunya.

As usual, the organisation of Historic Endurance tries every year to bring something new to the new season. Always maintaining its presence in the most important events of Historic Racing, the 2022 season starts with the return to Barcelona, one of the most charismatic cities in Southern Europe

The Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya or simply, Circuito de Catalunya for the 30th consecutive time will host the Formula 1 Spanish Grand Prix. The provisional entry list is once again full of quantity and quality. Among the 33 entrants, six debuts or returns to the paddock of the Iberian competition stand out. The trio Paulo Lima/Bruno Lima/ José Paradela, who in 2021 raced the fantastic BMW 1600 Ti, starts this season at the wheel of a powerful Ford Mustang 302 Boss of the H-1971 category, Paul Rayment/ James Wheeler and Martin Sismey also return in an iconic MG B Roadster after 2 years of absence due to the pandemic. Bordeaux driver Vincent Jimenez, also returning after his last participation in Pau 2019, brings to Barcelona a Porsche 2.5 ST. Bruno Santos / Claudio Vieira / Marco Amaral, on the other hand, make their debut in Historic Endurance at the Catalan circuit behind the wheel of a sonorous Porsche 911 3.0 RS prepared and assisted by the famous Aurora Garage. Finally, the father and son duo Stephane and Matthias Rey (father and son) make their debut in an agile Crossle 7S.

In the Gentlemen Driver Spirit (GDS) class, the fight will be between four (4) Porsche 911 SWB units. Two of them will be driven by Tarrero/Beltrane friends Nuno Nunes/ Piero Dal Maso/José Carvalhosa. Luis Portal and Vicnent Tourneur will return to HE driving solo. The GDS category also includes the "Giant Killer" Ford Cortina Lotus of Luís Sousa Ribeiro that can always surprise and the reliable MG B Roadster of the British trio of Paul Rayment/James Wheeler/Martin Sismey, who came in the past to the Iberian Peninsula to show that the heart of Motorsport is in England.

Inside the H-1965 category we find true "Motorsport" preciosities. From the powerful Shelby Cobra Daytona of Mark Martin and Michael Gans, we will also have the Lotus Elan of Carlos Barbot and the iconic Porsche 356 of the duo Pedro Moriyon / José Carvalhosa and Guillermo Velasco / Francisco Freitas with specifications "A" and "SC".

Category H-1971 has already got us used to gift us with number and quality. The first race in Barcelona is no exception. With a total of 8 entries and 5 different brands, the H-1971s promise to leave the public dreaming of the early 70's. In the elegant Alfa Romeo GTAm the trio, already traditional in Historic Endurance, Jorge Santos / Alcides Petiz / Diogo Santos will compete against the charismatic Ford Capri 2600 RS of the Spaniards Jose A. Rueda/Pablo Rueda and Jose A. Rueda. Rueda/Pablo Rueda and the agile Lotus Elan of Joaquim Soares, upgraded to the 1971 specification. Also traditional is the pairing of Jorge Guimarães and the Volvo 121, with the Swedish enthusiast taking his beautiful Volvo to Catalunya. In the H1971 category, the Porsche armada will be in force with the Porsche 914/6 of Manuel de la Torre and three units of Porsche 2.5 ST of Nuno Nunes/José Carvalhosa/Piero dal Maso, Jordi Prenafeta and the Frenchman Vincent Jimenez. Concluding the category the Portuguese trio in the new Ford Mustang 302 previously mentioned.

In Category H-1976 we find a total of five Porsche 911 3.0 RS entered, among the potential favourites for victory, we find the always favourite Pedro Bastos Rezende, winner of the first race of 2021 of the Algarve Welcome Spring. Newcomers will be Juan Alonso/Jose Antonio Zorrilla, assisted by Eficar Team, as well as Bruno Santos / Cláudio Vieira / Marco Amaral, prepared by Aurora garage.

Already the fast Eduardo Davila, former driver of the Spanish GT Championship, will have the honours to defend the Spanish colours among the "Porsche Armada". Among the Portuguese, we will continue to watch the evolution of Bruno Duarte/ Filipe S. Jesus and Mário Meireles that return to the Historic Endurance grid.

Carlos M. Santos / Carlos A. Santos and Pedro Bastos Rezende are the exception to the Porsche rule within the category, the father and son duo Santos will be in Barcelona driving the charismatic Ford Escort MKII RS2000 that they debuted in Jerez and Bastos Rezende wants to show off in his always spectacular De Tomaso Pantera.

In the last category, the "GTP and Sportscars", for Barcelona, there are 4 candidates to triumph. Two Lotus Seven, which promise some interesting battles between them, of João Mira Gomes/Nuno Afoito and the Frenchman Florent Cazalot. Also entered is the Alfa Romeo Giulia of Paulo Rompante that presents itself in GTP specification, the Portuguese driver will face the Crossle of the Rey family that we already mentioned above that will have fierce competition from a Ford GT40 of the Spaniards Jordi Puig/Alberto Pecanins that running at home will certainly not want to miss the victory after the double victory in Jarama.

Completing the entry list for the first two races of 2022 is the Porsche 924 of Toni Garcia, who comes to Barcelona as a guest of the Historic Endurance organisation.

As is tradition, Historic Endurance always hosts rare and special cars, and Barcelona will be no exception. They will compete for the Performance Index by Cuervo Y Sobrinos. The usual Ford Cortina Lotus of Sousa Ribeiro and Porsche 356 of Velasco/Freitas and Moriyon/Carvalhosa will be joined by cars as different as the Ford Mustang of the trio Paulo Lima/Bruno Lima/ José Paradela, the Shelby Cobra Daytona of the British duo Martin/Gans, the Alfa Romeo GTAm of the trio Jorge Santos / Alcides Petiz / Diogo Santos. The winner of this classification, considered the most important by the organization, receives a fantastic watch of the prestigious brand Cuervo Y Sobrinos, which is also the official sponsor of the competition.

Diogo Ferrão, Historic Endurance?s manager, said: "With 33 teams starting, we have an excellent start of the season and a luxury entry list, with 8 different brands that promise a lot of animation along the peloton. It will undoubtedly be an exciting weekend on track, but also off track, with an excellent event close to one of the most attractive cities in Europe."


Qualifying - 2nd April (Saturday)

11H25 / 12H05

Race 1 - 2nd April (Saturday)

5.05pm / 3.55pm

Race 2 - 3rd April (Sunday)

3.25pm / 4.15pm

Additional information available on the competition website at


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