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for Fórmula Ford Zetec (Single Seater Series)

Here you can see the technical details about the PECTEL T2 and other components that we have for sale. In the end, you can visit our online store and if you have any additional questions, contact us via email


The new ECUs have the possibility to connect to the old looms (electrical installations) through a connector, so there is no need to purchase additional looms.

However, for teams that want, new looms may also be provided, as old ones also start to be rare.

There is a third, even more economical option: the teams can cut the current cables and redo the end of the looms with the new Plug & Pin connection (see image in the price list). We warn you that this third solution is complicated and we do not recommend it for teams without great experience with the electrical part.


After the test, we can see from the graph the comparison between an old Pectel in terms of power curve and readings from the engine seat lambda probe. We worked so that the power curves were identical, keeping in mind that the difference between the old and the new one is only one (1) horse power.


The big difference between ECUs is found in the reading of the lambda probe. The advantages are greater for the new ECU, which will allow for greater engine reliability. According to the information we have, the values ​​of 0.93 are considered worrying by those who understand more about ECU maps.

Having said that, we believe that the new ECUs will be a step forward in your Formula Ford (Single Seater Series) in terms of reliability, greater technical control by the teams, the organization and above all the notion that there will be no “parts in extinction”, allowing these cars continue to race for several good years.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!

Other technical informations

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