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Jarama Classic: A Thrilling Experience Both On and Off the Track

The Circuito de Madrid Jarama - RACE will once again be dressed up to host another edition of the Jarama Classic - NAPA, which this year features a rich programme of twelve races, both classic cars and cars from the latest generation of the motorsport industry.

Celebrating the golden age of motorsport and reliving glorious decades gone by, the Jarama event promises to be one of the highlights of the season for the various competitions that will be on track. With a stellar list of participants and a festive atmosphere, typical of the great motorsport events on the Iberian Peninsula, good racing is expected on the challenging 3.4 kilometre track, with more than 150 racing cars taking part.

The Iberian Historic Endurance has once again sold out for its second race on Spanish soil this season. Southern Europe's most prestigious classic car competition is a veritable ‘museum in progress’, bringing together dream cars that have spread magic all over the world. Iconic machines such as the Ford GT40, Shelby Cobra, Ford Mustang, Jaguar E, Bizzarrini 5300 GT mix on the track with others no less symbolic such as the Lotus Elan, Alfa Romeo GTAm, Datsun 240Z, Lancia Fulvia or the various Porsche models, in a cocktail of colours and sound emotions.

After a luxurious season opener at the end of May, the CPV / Iberian Supercars caravan travels to the Comunidad de Madrid track for the second race of the newborn Supercars Jarama RACE trophy. With a line-up made up of some of today's most modern GT4s and machines that conjure up our imagination, such as the BMW M4 GT4, Mercedes-AMG GT4 or McLaren 570S GT4, those travelling to the Madrid circuit will find some well-known names behind the wheel, such as Nerea Martí, Jose de los Milagros, Nil Montserrat, Salvador Tineo or Alba Cano.

In what was the home of the Formula 1 Spanish Grand Prix from 1969 to 1988, but was also one of the favourite circuits of the European Touring Car Championship in the 1980s and saw the revival of GT racing in the early 1990s, a panoply of Touring and GT cars, such as BMW M3s and Porsche 968s, promise to delight the many spectators expected at Carrera Los 80.

At the Real Automóvil Club de España (RACE) racetrack, designed by John Hugenholtz and inaugurated in 1967, Caterham Motorsport Iberia will also field two competitive starting grids - 340R/1600 and 420R. The six races of the longest-running mono-brand trophy on the Iberian Peninsula always promise plenty of spectacle on track, with the decisions usually dragging on until the chequered flag.

The Jarama Classic isn't just about racing; it's a celebration of motor racing heritage and the culture of each era. In a family-friendly environment, fans and enthusiasts will have access to the paddock, offering a unique opportunity to admire these automotive relics up close. Attendees can also enjoy interactive activities such as simulators, karting, and inflatables for the younger ones. BMW M and NAPA, the renowned North American car parts brand, will be present in the paddock with activities for both children and adults.

Tickets for the paddock can be purchased on the circuit's official website at On Sunday, all races will be broadcast live on Race Ready's Facebook and YouTube channels. The two 45-minute Supercars Jarama RACE races will be shown in Spain on DAZN and in Portugal on A Bola TV.


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