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Iberian Historic Endurance delights the public attending the Jarama Classic Races!

Iberian Historic Endurance delights the public attending the Jarama Classic Races!

  • More than 30 beautiful examples of historic vehicles enchant the public present at the Jarama Classic Races.

  • Spanish duo Jordi Puig and Fernando Navarrete win categorically in Ford GT40

  • Summer temperatures and the return of the public bless the event

Under a splendid sun, around 1,000 spectators divided by the various stands and areas reserved on the track, watched the more than 30 Iberian Historic Endurance cars that returned to Jarama this weekend. An enviable grid faced the various ups and downs of the Madrid track.

At the wheel of their newly acquired Ford GT40, the well known Spanish drivers Jordi Puig and Fernando Navarrete did an impeccable race and totally dominated the race. Then the public's attention went to the next fight, where 3 cars, the Merlyn of Carlos Barbot and the Porsche of Pedro Bastos Rezende and Jesus Fuster/Alfredo Martinez, had a fantastic fight until the end, with constant exchanges of positions. The fight stood out for its intensity, but also for the respect between cars and drivers, and was only interrupted by a mechanical problem in the Spanish car. Finally, Pedro Bastos Rezende managed to finish the race with 7 tenths of advantage over the pilot from Oporto and conquering the first position in the H-1976 category.

In Gentleman Driver Spirit, Luis Gama Rocha and Diogo Gama Rocha showed that the result of Portimão was not fortuitous. Driving a Ford Cortina Lotus, this family duo had a superb performance winning the race, leaving the Porsche 911 SWB of Nuno Nunes at 39 seconds. Also achieving a podium in this category, which had 7 teams that entered pre-1965 Turismos up to 2000cc and up to 1300cc Pre-1976, were the Catalans Carlos Beltran and Pablo Tarrero at the wheel of a Porsche 911 SWB. Excellent result after almost 2 years of stoppage.

In H-1971, the podium was Franco-Spanish, with the Frenchman Alexis Raoux climbing to the highest place, while the Madrileno Antonio Gutierrez finished in the intermediate step and Alfonso Garcia and Ildefonso Garcia completed the first three. All of these will push their Porsche 911 2.5 ST to the limits on the constant ups and downs of the Madrid circuit.

In H-1976, Pedro Bastos Rezende, Carlos Brizido and João Pina Cardoso were second and, in the second half, they got the better of the returning Eduardo Davila, all in Porsche 911 3.0RS.

The end of the day was approaching when the second race got the start order for another 50 minutes race of the Iberian Historic Endurance. In the best endurance spirit, this second race had some withdrawals that led to the Safety Car. The team that overcame all these problems was the Ford GT40 that guaranteed the double in the race with one of the most memorable and mythic cars of motoring.

If the winner was the same, little else was the same. In the Gentleman Driver Spirit, this time the persistence of Nuno Nunes in a Porsche 911 SWB won, followed by a new Porsche 911 SWB driven by Spaniards Carlos Beltran and Pablo Tarrero. In third, the Iberian Datsun 1200 of Guillermo Velasco and Francisco Freitas, overcame all obstacles to conquer another podium.

In the H-1971, the Porsche 2.5 ST of Antonio Gutierrez overcame the second place of the first race to win the category, followed by the distinguished Lotus Elan +2 of Filipe Matias. Completing the podium in this category dedicated to cars homologated until 1971 were the Alfonso and Ildefonso Garcia family in Porsche 2.5 ST.

The first three to cross the finish line in H-1976 had the brand of their vehicle in common. There were 3 Porsche to taste the Torrens Moliner sparkling wine, Carlos Brizido and João Pina Cardoso crossed the line and won the category after a penalty to Pedro Bastos Rezende for not complying with the Pitlane window. They were followed by Eduardo Davila who used all his experience and knowledge of the track to finish second, even with a car in difficulties. Vasco Nina got the third position by only 3 decimals of second after a great fight with Bruno Duarte and Filipe Jesus.

In the most important classification of Historic Endurance, the Index Performance Cuervo y Sobriños, which gives an index to each vehicle, according to the age and engine capacity, Pedro Moryion and José Carvalhosa won in a Porsche 356. In second place was Luis and Diogo Gama Rocha in Ford Cortina Lotus, who received a fabulous watch from the brand sponsoring the competition. In third place was the Datsun 1200 Iberico of Guillermo Velasco / Francisco Freitas.

The next meeting of the Iberian Historic Endurance is scheduled for SPA, where the 3 Hours of SPA will take place on June 25/26.


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