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05-06 APRIL 2024 

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Estoril Exclusive Testing 2024

The return of the most important test day of the season.


We are pleased to announce the 6th Edition of Estoril Exclusive Testing.

As usual, the days will be split into 5 hours per day for Formula 1 and fast Sports Cars and 3 separate hours for GT and Touring cars. More information in the attached timetable. 

This is a professional test day where only drivers with a valid sports licence will be accepted.
You can book just one day or two days according to the needs of the teams / drivers

Each session is limited to 10 cars in the F1 sessions and 20 cars in the GT sessions.

In each "Slot", the same driver can take several cars from the same category.



If we have 10 slots in F1 sessions, we have 10 stickers. Each person gets a sticker and that sticker can be placed on any F1 or fast sportscar.

We guarantee that there are never more than 10 cars on the track at any given time.

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Formulário Inscrição

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