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The late 1970's and 80's were the golden years of the Tourism races, with several Tourism Championships flourishing across Europe, notably the European Tourism Championship endurance races. These races were very popular with the public with big flame spitting Touring cars led by Roberto Ravaglia, Steve Soper or Tom Walkinshaw between others.

The idea is to offer a new championship for more “modern” tourism racing cars, but always in the spirit of Historic Endurance, which stands for respect for opponents, a Gentlemen Driver attitude and the already famous 3 C's (No Crashing, No Cheating and No Complaining), in all the three events that will take place between Spain and Portugal.


Carros admitidos

Cars accepted

As you can read in the Regulations available bellow, the entries are due according to invitation by the organization in accordance with the “spirit of the CARRERA Los 80's” and comply with FIA Appendix K.

Cars with Turbo will have a coefficient of 1.4 for considering the final engine capacity.

Categories and cars accepted:

Category Group 2 (GR2) - Category for any car until 1982. Touring car according to FIA homologations until (31/12/1982) and FIA HTP papers or national technical passport. Examples: BMW 323i, Ford Capri, Ford Escort MK2, Rover 3500 SD1, VW Golf GTI MK1, BMW 635 (gr2)

Category Touring Under 1400 (T1400) - 210Cars until 1994 homologated Touring cars in group 2, A or N under 1400cc, car according to FIA homologations until (31/12/1994). Examples: Toyota Starlet, Citroen Ax, Renault 5, etc

Category Group 1 and N Cars (GR1/N) - Cars until 1993 homologated Group 1 Touring cars plus cars according to Portuguese Group 1 regulations, car according to FIA homologations until (31/12/1993). Examples: VW Golf MK1, Datsun 1200, Ford Escort RS2000.

Category Touring under 2000 CC (T2000) - Cars until 1994 homologated as Touring Cars under 2000cc in Group A, N or Trophy specification, car according to FIA homologations until (31/12/1994). Examples: VW Golf MK2, Mk3, Honda Civic, Peugeot 205 GTI


Category Touring over 2000 CC(TMAX) Cars until 1990 homologated as Touring Cars group A or N over 2000cc in Group A, N or Trophy specification, car according to FIA homologations until (31/12/1990). Examples: Rover Vitesse, BMW 635 CSL, Ford Sierra Cosworth, BMW E30 M3,


Category GT Trophy (GTCOPA) Category for any pre-1993 GT Cars in Trophy specification. Examples: Porsche 944 Cup, Porsche 964 Cup, Porsche 968 CS Cup, Ferrari 348 Challenge, Ventury Trophy

Category H-INV (H-INV) This category is for Cars not allowed in any of the previous categories or cars not complaining with the Appendix K. However, some cars can be considered eligible to race if the organization committee believed it will improve the spectacle and improve the other driver’s enjoyment.

Weekend format of and other information:

The events will be in the format of “semi-resistance” with two 40-minute races and a change-over stop, so it's possible for two drivers to share the race.

Tyres allowed 


Without exception, all cars cannot use “Slick” tyres”. All cars should use Toyo R888R or R888 tyres.

 For more informations about the cars we accept in this competition please contact us by email:


13th March

Estoril Circuit

On this testday, inserted on the Super Racing Series weekend, teams will have the chance to test their cars for the first time in 2019, and to fight with the opponent teams for the new season.


algarve welcome spring-1.jpg

08/09 May

Autódromo Internacional do Algarve

The Autódromo Internacional do Algarve is a modern circuit built in 2008, with all the latest specifications, both in terms of convenience for drivers and teams, and in terms of safety. This year, the Carrera Los 80's starts the season in this fantastic circuit that the drivers love to drive due to the characteristics of carrousel. 


05/06 June

Jarama Race Circuit 

Inaugurated in 1967 as a permanent circuit, it´s layout was never changed, being exactly the same where names such as Hill, Clark, Stewart, Fittipaldi, Andretti and Villeneuve triumphed. The Jarama circuit is always one of the most popular circuits in Spain, thanks to the very fluid layout with short straights and several fast corners.

Logo Jerez La Leyenda Preto

06/07 November

Angél Nieto Circuit 

City of Jerez with a fantastic and unique atmosphere that combines a weekend of good racing with good hotels and good restaurants, ideal for the whole family. Demanding circuit layout, with good conditions, always one of the most appreciated by the drivers.


Algarve Welcome Spring

08/09 May

Autódromo Internacional de Portimão

Jarama Classic

05/06 June

Circuito Jarama Race - Jarama

Jerez La Leyenda

06/07 November

Circuito Ángel Nieto - Jerez

Race 1
Race 2


Racing Legends

29 Feb./01 March

Ricardo Tormo Circuit - Valência

Jarama Classic

07/08 November

Jarama Race Circuit - Jarama

Race 1
Race 2

Jerez La Leyenda

12/13 December

Circuito Ángel Nieto - Jerez







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